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Inspiring individuals to live a healthier life through providing proper education with mindful, practical applications for their diet and lifestyle. 

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            Our bodies were created with the ability to heal. We have the capacity to provide it with the best environment for healing to occur.

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Hi! I’m Becca, I am a Registered Nurse and a Master Nutrition Therapist. I believe our bodies were created with ability to heal. We have the capacity to provide it with the best environment for healing to occur.

EZ nutrition + wellness has come after my life’s journey in the health industry, with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and then 14 years as a nurse in various hospital settings, then more recently I have found a love through healing with food.

My schooling for holistic nutrition came after having health complications following loss of our son, Ezekiel. I struggled to find options and other solutions. I began to realize the impact stress, diet and lifestyle was having on my health. I had thought of myself as a generally healthy person. But soon found that I needed to make some changes of my own. 


I became more mindful of my body and what it needed to function. Holistic nutrition has opened my mind to a whole new way to look at how we eat and the way food effects our body. Like Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine.” We have the ability to give our body nutritious food to help it function at an optimal level.

It can be challenging and overwhelming to make changes, my goal is to help you feel at ease with your health, to make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle that can help you feel better.


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Hair is an almost indestructible biomarker that carries personal information at a quantum epigenetic level. Taking just 4 to 6 hair follicles can provide information about ways to support your body to function optimally. These areas include, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, environmental factors and more. A nutrition focused approach for improved wellbeing.

The hair sample is digitally processed and sent through a secure internet connection to our Technology center in Hamburg, Germany. These powerful computers analyze your epigenetic information to give a 30+ page report to help you unlock your epigenetic potential and achieve optimum wellness.

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Rebecca is so knowledgeable and helpful.  The hair scan is so insightful and shows areas in your diet that need to be focused on.  I recommend a hair scan to anyone who wants to take control of their diet and improve their overall health. EZ Nutrition is a game changer for me in creating a healthier lifestyle. 

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