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Hair Styling

Hair Scan Analysis 

Hair is an almost indestructible biomarker that carries personal information at a quantum epigenetic level. Taking just 4 to 6 hair follicles can provide information about ways to support your body to function optimally. These areas include, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, environmental factors and more.


A nutrition focused approach for improved wellbeing.

The hair sample is digitally processed and sent through a secure internet connection to our Technology center in Hamburg, Germany. These powerful computers analyze your epigenetic information to give a 30+ page report to help you unlock your epigenetic potential and achieve optimum wellness.

Nutrition Consultation 

Schedule a time to review your dietary habits. 

Fresh Ingredients

Postal Kits 

Postal Hair Scan kit is mailed to you. You will receive a 10-15 minute phone call at the time and date you scheduled. I’ll explain more about the kit and the process. Then schedule a future call to discuss scan results and recommendations. 

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